Saturday, July 6, 2013

How To Book Your Vehicle To Ensure Purchase:

1. Find something you like on our website in the USED CARS Section.
The USED CARS category has some of the best deals on the market. We have used cars for sale starting from $2,900.00. If you want to buy a good and reliable used car, you've come in the right place. Not to mention the fact that we offer 12 months warranty for every used car that we sell.
We saved the best for last. Our SPECIAL OFFERS has some of the most crazy/amazing used cars for sale at some really small prices. Check periodically on the front page if you don't want to miss a great deal.

2. Once you have decided on what you want to buy just click the AD TO CART button designated for every car and then just SUBMIT ORDER if you are happy with your choices or DELETE ORDER if you changed your mind.

3. After you submitted your order/orders you will receive (in 24 hours) a call and email from our Sales Department with the Deposit Details necessary to book your vehicle. The car can be picked up from our warehouse in NY or we can have it shipped to your address at a very good price.

4. After completing the transaction and the payment is confirmed you will receive the car(s) you ordered in 4-7 days or you will be able to come pick it up without having to worry that somebody else will buy it before you get the chance to come and see it.
If after the inspection of the vehicle you are not satisfied with the car, your deposit payment will be refunded in 24h.